Prices and Terms




Adult (Zone A)*£980
Adult (Zone B)*£980
Child – £500

Additional charges apply if not next in line.


(Zone A is the end near car park, zone B is near the top away from the car park)

Reservation of a grave space can be made with the payment of half the Adult fee.

The balance payable is half full price at the time of interment.

* An exclusive burial right also gives the right to purchase a tree and / or a tablet.

The right to plant a tree together with supply and planting. – £200

The right to place a tablet upon a grave during the period of exclusive burial, supply and installation. – Please Contact Us

Scattered Ashes£240 (£400 if right to place a tablet for 70 years – This does not include the price of the tablet.)

Fees are non-refundable and do not include Funeral Directors, Ministers / Officiates or grave preparation.

Fees for grave preparation and for the interment where exclusive right of burial has already been pre-purchased given upon application.

Please confirm prices are current before making any reservations.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All burials will conform to statutory requirements and have due regard to the ethos as a Woodland Burial-ground and to other users.
  2. Graves will be excavated by Countryside Burials Limited (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) or a contractor appointed by the Company; by prior arrangement, mourners may, under supervision, assist in the backfilling of the grave only.
  3. The Company retains the right to and will allocate all grave spaces even when pre-purchased. However, grave spaces purchased simultaneously will be adjoining unless otherwise agreed.
  4. The body must be contained in a coffin or body bag of biodegradable materials or wrapped in a shroud of natural fibres. Where coffins are constructed in wood, only pine from ‘managed’ woodlands may be used.
  5. Unless required by law, bodies should not be embalmed.
  6. The grant of a right of exclusive burial will also give the option to purchase the right to have planted a single native tree of a species approved by the Company. This will be planted in a position designated by the Company at the appropriate time of the year and to a managed woodland programme. Trees will not bear any identification. As part of the managed programme, it may be necessary from time to time to remove some trees planted in the cemetery.
  7. No tokens of remembrance will be permitted on the grave. The grave will, however, be sown with a moderate amount of native wildflowers to enhance the overall development of the meadow.
  8. The location of all graves must and will be recorded by the Company. The intention behind Brinkley Woodland Cemetery is to make it as natural as possible unhindered by headstones and thus to leave graves unmarked. Accordingly, no right of burial grants any right to place any form of identification or marker upon the grave which must be allowed to return to its natural state subject to the following regulation.
  9. Where relatives feel there is a need to have the grave marked, then an application may be made for the purchase of a suitably inscribed tablet and the right to have it laid for the remaining period of the right of exclusive burial. All tablets shall be of a uniform design and size and supplied by the Company. They will be laid flat within the surface of the grave such that no part shall protrude above ground level. No guarantee shall be given for the tablets, and it should be borne in mind that tractors and other vehicles will be in use on the cemetery from time to time and may drive over stones as part of the upkeep of the meadow and woods.
  10. No paths will be constructed although some grass will be cut regularly so as to form a walkway. Dogs will be permitted in the cemetery provided they are kept on a lead and not allowed to distract others from the peaceful enjoyment of the site.
  11. We would discourage wreaths and flowers being left following the interment. Any that are left must be cleared away within a few days after the burial. The Company reserves the right to clear any grave after 10 days and a charge may be made.
  12. Ashes of cremated remains may be strewn in permitted areas with prior written approval and payment of the appropriate fee in force at the time. No record will be kept of the actual location.
  13. Family organised funerals may take place without the aid of a funeral director. All interments should take place in a manner having due regard to other users of the cemetery.
  14. In the event of any question arising as to the interpretation or application of any of these Regulations, the Company’s decision shall be final and binding. The Company reserves the right to alter the Regulations from time to time as it feels fit.