The Cemetery


OLLOWING  ever-increasing requests from the public, woodland burials are now being provided in many parts of the country.

In order to offer the choice of a woodland burial, we are now providing a burial ground at Brinkley, near Six Mile Bottom, for those families wishing to arrange the burial of a loved one in an informal woodland and meadow setting.

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Countryside burials prefer that the burial takes place in an environmentally friendly body shroud or coffin (cardboard or chipboard, not wood from rainforests). These are available from most funeral directors but we can offer assistance if needed.

A funeral director can make the usual arrangements in a personal and professional manner with the family. Information can be obtained from The Natural Death Centre (Telephone 020 8208 2853) – which is of particular help should the services of a funeral director not be required.


A commemorative tree may be purchased through the Estate and will be planted at the appropriate time of year from a selection which will include Ash, Oak, Lime, Beech, Larch, Wild Cherry and Hazel.

The graves themselves may be sown with wildflower seed. Apart from a small flat stone set into the grave, this is the only form of memorial permitted in the Burial Ground.


The position of all graves will be recorded on a plan to allow for location in the future We would ask you to bear in mind that graves will be under the grasses and flowers of the meadow.

Cremated Remains

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Cremated remains may be strewn in the designated area of the burial ground. No record will be kept of the exact location. Plots are available for the burial of cremated remains in a casket.

Management of the Burial Site

Over the years the cemetery will become established meadow with copses of native trees. The grass will only be cut twice a year at time to encourage wildflowers, although walkways will be cut more frequently.

As in any managed woodland, it is not possible to guarantee the life span of particular trees. No herbicides will be used in the burial ground other to aid the growth of the young trees and (if necessary) to control noxious weeds.


On a practical note, the Burial Ground has limited paths and is a natural site. Suitable footwear should be worn by those who attend an interment, or by those enjoying the site for peaceful remembrance.